In our earrings, we use the most secure type of a clasp: leverback.

Here is what it looks like in operation.

The earring when worn virtually never needs to be checked on - it is very unlikely to be lost. However, to ensure that the clasp retains its shape in Silver earrings and withstands multiple openings and closings, the post needs to be a little bit on the thicker size - approximately 1.1 mm, or 18 gauge. Most women in Europe find that to be of no significance, but some in the US may be not used to wearing thick earring posts, so may have difficulty putting our earrings on initially, or be unable to comfortably put them on altogether.

Obviously, it takes a day or two to get used to wearing earrings with thicker posts (ask people fond of earring plugs.)

Some of our earrings have simple posts - like these: 

If you like a set of earrings, but instead of the lever back clasp, you would like posts - let us know - most likely, we can make them for you.

We still like our earrings securely locked in place :-)