Alexite, a synthetic stone, is a version of YAG (Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Y4Al2O9) is currently used in laser technology. It can be colorless, colored, or able to change color depending on the ambient light. We use two different varieties of color-changing alexite: one that is green in fluorescent light and orange in natural light (called “Autumn Alexite”), and one that is purple under natural light to a brilliant blue when viewed under a fluorescent light (called “Lavender Alexite”.)

Alexite had been used more widely in the past as a lab-grown gemstone, before Cubic Zirconia production became possible in quantity in the 1990's, and has been produced in much smaller quantities since 1995 for use in jewelry. During the height of its popularity, Alexite was produced by different manufacturers under multiple brand names, including dia-bud, replique, nier-gem, etc.

Alexite, the color-changing lab-grown gemstone that we use in our jewelry is not to be confused with Aleksite discovered in 1978 in Russia, which is grayish crystal, not really usable for jewelry making, with chemical formula of: Pb Bi2 Te2 S2.

Here is two images of one and the same silver ring with green-to-orange alexite under different light:

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