Wedding Style: The Eclectic Bride

In this installment of our Wedding Style series, we'll discuss the Eclectic Bride. She's a non-conformist. She likes the road less traveled. So when her significant other proposed, she knew this wouldn't be your average wedding.

Attending the wedding of the eclectic bride means colors, possibly untraditional themes, and a true experience. She might prefer a short dress opposed to a long, formal gown. She might opt to walk down the aisle with her groom-to-be instead of with her father. Her reception might be held at the couple's favorite restaurant instead of a ballroom. Or she might not opt for a wedding ceremony at all and share this moment with close family and friends at the Justice of the Peace.

Whatever the eclectic bride wants to do is up to her. And here at Drukker, we have several pieces she can adorn on her special day.

The eclectic bride might opt for one of these pieces or multiple to complete her wedding look. Whatever feels good to her will work. 

If the eclectic bride look is more your style, tell us what you think. Stay tuned for our next Wedding Style post on the Classic Bride