Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for All Moms

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you might feel some pressure to get the maternal lady in your life something. I mean, she did raise you and turn you into the brilliant person you are today, right? Well, maybe getting her something is a fraction of what you can do to repay her, but it’s a start.

And what mom doesn’t love jewelry? Whether she loves subtle pieces or huge statement accessories, we have pretty much everything for every type of mom.

The Classic Mom

If your mom is more old-fashioned and conservative in appearance than most, get her these white shell pearl earrings. She can never have enough pearls and it’s a staple accessory. She’ll love them.

Runner up: Rock crystal silver pendant

The Best Friend Mom

 If your mom felt more like your bestie than your mom, she might want something a little more youthful. She’d love this blue topaz, blue agate, gray moonstone, and blue quartz necklace. Once her friends start to compliment her on her new gift, she’ll appreciate her daughter/friend even more.

Runner up: Silver bracelet with white opal

The Fancy Mom

 If your mom loves all things glitz and glam, she’ll definitely love the green jade ring from our Luxury collection. It’s a statement ring that will capture the attention of anyone she walks past.

Runner up: Silver ring with white agate

Regardless of the type of mom you have, be grateful to have a mom that you love and that loves you back. That’s what matters most on this day—remembering and reflecting on the memories and appreciation you have for the woman that made you into the person you are today.

Happy Mother’s Day!