Beautiful Gemstone Engagement Rings

Like we mentioned last year, November kicks off proposal season. And as styles evolve, women are ditching the idea of wanting a diamond engagement ring. Gemstone engagement rings are on the rise. Check out the following three rings and then send this blog post to your honey so they can make your holiday season one to remember. 


This pearl ring is perfect for the traditional lady at heart. However, the design has a vintage appeal, so it is for those that long for nostalgic moments.  

For the girl that loves a beautiful halo ring but never saw herself adorning a diamond, this is the perfect one for her. The mesmerizing prasiolite stone will draw everyone's attention to her gorgeous symbol of love. 


This ring comes in several different styles adorning different stones, so it's more versatile for those with different style palates. Any girl that loves statement jewelry would love this engagement ring as it speaks without her having to open her mouth.

Which one of these rings do you like the most?