Collection Spotlight - Carnavale

Carnavale is one of our favorite Collections.

It contains the richest color palette of our entire inventory. Not only that, but the colors and gemstones for each specific model were chosen and assembled individually, to ensure a beautiful color hue across the entire Collection.


How did we do it?



All that we had to do was to change our approach to gemstone selection. Previously, we had followed the rule that “like goes with like” so we would place natural stones with other natural stones, and so on. When it came time to work on the Carnavale Collection, we chose to go at the problem from another angle, and placed the importance of color harmony out in front, making sure that each jewelry piece was as vibrant as it was pleasing to the eye.


Breaking our own rules in this way allowed us the freedom and be bold and daring in our approach, and we began to mix a variety of sizes of gemstones, colors and hues, natural stones with synthetic, and combinations deemed impossible quickly became not only possible, but gorgeous. The result of these experiments has surprised even ourselves. So if you find a ring you love in this Collection, don’t be surprised to see up to eight completely different stones.

The best part is, of course, that each model will be absolutely unique: repeating a color combination in more than one model would be almost impossible. Even if we have the same gemstones in the same colors, due to the varying cuts of the different gemstones, the final appearance will still be wildly different, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is unique.