Totally Tourmaline: 20 Jewels in October’s Other Birthstone

"Totally Tourmaline: 20 Jewels in October’s Other Birthstone" blog article

October 9, 2013, by Brittany Siminitz.

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Those born in October have the exquisite privilege of choosing from two different birthstones: opal or tourmaline. Tough choice! I’d suggest throwing caution to the wind and advising your customers to wear both. But in the case that they’re looking for tourmaline exclusively (October baby or no), we’ll dive in to the various looks of one of the most popular gemstones as of late. The most colorful of gemstones (some even change color), tourmaline comes in a variety of styles, including—but in no way limited to—watermelon tourmaline, green, pink, Paraiba tourmaline, rubellite, and cat’s eye. We are treated to a seemlingly endless lineup of awesome looks. Now, normally I’d dive in and talk about what makes each color so special, but I think in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the greatest things about this gemstone is that it truly holds something for everyone, from those who love to wear every color of the rainbow to those who prefer to keep it subtle and go with something more neutral. 

 Silver ring with Tourmaline

Silver ring with Tourmaline from Drukker Designs