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"15 Opal Jewels to Welcome Easter and (Eventually) Spring" blog article.

June 21, 2013, by Brittany Siminitz.

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The Easter holiday is upon us this Sunday, and even if you aren’t celebrating the spring holiday—what spring?—it’s hard to ignore the paraphernalia lining the shelves at your local drugstore or supermarket. Aisle upon aisle is stocked with chocolate Easter bunnies that promise to have every kid bouncing off the walls by midmorning. But I digress. My memories of the holiday are most highly associated with the irresistible pastel hues and exquisitely decorated eggs that were so fun create. The opal, so delicate and with its varying colors, is the perfect gemstone to represent those two things. So welcome Easter—or spring, if it ever decides to grace us with its presence—with these 15 spellbinding opal jewels. Never mind the old wives’ tale—the one that says it’s bad luck to wear the gem if it’s not your birthstone (it’s labeled “old” for a reason). For any of these finds, I’d take the risk. Wouldn’t you?

Drukker Designs Opal Cluster Earrings

Drukker Designs opal cluster earrings