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"12 Jewelry Trends for 2013: Amber Jewels From JCK Marketplace" blog article.

June 21, 2013, by Brittany Siminitz.

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Trend #12: Amber. Rounding out the last of our 12 jewelry trends for 2013 is  amber, is a rich, luscious gemstone that I adore for its autumnal tones and luminous aesthetic. A fossilized tree resin, amber has a variety of uses, one of the most interesting I think, is perfume, but it certainly gets its best close-up in jewelry. I’ve had a thing for amber since that crucial scene in Jurassic Park—you know the one, right? It’s actually not that uncommon to find amber stones with inclusions—some even with mosquitoes, ants, and other creatures inside. You won’t find that in the pieces I’ve selected here, though. These jewels are warm, chic, and perfect for year-round wear (though the golden tones do tend to remind me of autumn). To close out our 2013 jewelry trends series, enjoy this amber piece from JCK Marketplace.

Silver Earrings with Amber, Model 1335

Drukker Designs amber and topaz Swirl earrings