I see a ring I like on your website, but you don’t have any in my size - can I buy it anyway and ask my local jeweler to re-size it?

We would rather you don't, and here are two reasons why: all of our jewelry has one or several gemstones that are individually prong-set. If the ring is cut and sized, the stability of the stones will not be assured - in other words, you’re more likely to lose your stones.

Another reason is that all of our silver jewelry is plated with palladium and rhodium, and any attempts at re-sizing will destroy the plating, which will be hard to recreate without removing the gemstones. Also, among most local jewelers, palladium and rhodium plating is not widely used.

If you are willing to wait a few months, we can create exactly the ring you fell in love with, in whichever size you desire.