I see stamps on my jewelry - what do they mean?

As our jewelry is manufactured in Russia and Ukraine, we follow those countries’ regulations that necessitate proprietary factory stamps on all jewelry produced, so that is what you might see. This changes year-to-year by those same regulations. You will also sometimes see silver and gold purity stamp (925, 14K, etc) - they are not required by those countries’ regulations, however the metal purity is guaranteed because every piece of jewelry manufactured for sale within the country and for export has to pass through an Assay Office, where it is tested.

If you do not see a metal purity stamp on your jewelry because it was either too small or there was no good place to put the stamp on without disrupting the integrity of the piece, be assured that the purity of the metal is as stated because of the above-stated regulations. The factory stamp means that we stand behind every piece of jewelry sold.